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Netgear Router Login –

Netgear router login is an important process that needs to be completed if you want to change the router’s settings. These settings include administration password, network SSID and password, security settings, etc. But, a large number of users are unable to complete the process because they lack complete knowledge. Due to this, the instructions for the same have been rounded up on this page. Here, you will learn how to log in to a Netgear router using

What Are The Steps for Netgear Router Login?

The process of router login is considered a complicated process that involves a set of instructions. Following are the steps that you need to follow if you want to complete the login process of your WiFi router. But, before following them, you need to switch off your Netgear router and its respective host gateway. Generally, a modem is installed as a gateway for a WiFi router. After switching off both devices, follow these steps:

router login

  • Join the Router and Modem

If you’ve got an Ethernet cable and haven’t connected your router to the modem yet, use the cable to connect these devices. The connection needs to be created via the host gateway’s LAN port and the Netgear router’s Internet port. But, make sure that you do not create a weak connection.

  • Switch On Both Devices

The second step after connecting the Netgear router and the host gateways is to switch on both devices. Therefore, plug them into their respective wall outlets and switch them on. You need to power up the modem first and then your WiFi router. After that, you need to wait for the LED lights on both devices to become solid.

  • Launch a Web Browser

Right after the LED lights on your devices are lit, you need to connect your computer to the network of your WiFi router. You can also connect your computer and router using an Ethernet cable. Thence, you should launch a web browser that is running on its updated software version.

  • Access

Now, take the cursor to the location bar or the address bar of the web browser. Type the router’s web address i.e. and press the Enter key. You will now see yourself on the login window of the Netgear router. In case the login window doesn’t show up, enter the URL again to see if you are successful.

  • Enter the Login Details

On the login page of the router, you will see two fields named User name and Password. In the User name field, type admin, and in the Password field type the Netgear router login password. Select the Log In option. If you have not changed the password at the time of the setup process, use the value password. Both details are in lowercase.

After clicking the Log In button, the Status page of the Netgear router will appear. It means you are now free to change the settings of the router as per your needs. Not Working – Use Netgear Router Login IP

Many users have complained that they cannot log in to their Netgear WiFi routers because of the not working error. If you are also one of them, then you must use the Netgear router login IP instead of the URL.

The default IP address of many Netgear router models is But, still, before you use this IP address, you must not forget to check the user manual of the router. There, you will find the correct IP address as the default IP may vary depending upon the model. It would be great if you refer to the label of your device to know the Netgear router login IP.

Netgear Router Login IP Not Working – Solutions

You can use the IP address of your router in place of the default web address. But, what if the IP address also fails to work for you? In that case, you must check out the tips and tricks given below:

1. Check for Typing Mistakes:

The first reason why the login IP of your router is not working is that you have not entered it correctly. Therefore, you must re-enter the login address of the router. But, this time, do not commit typos. Otherwise, you will keep getting errors.

2. Update the Browser:

Sometimes, an outdated web browser can also be the reason why the Netgear router login IP is not working. So, you should make your way to the settings section of the web browser without any delay. Apart from this, you should also delete the cache and cookies. Otherwise, the Netgear router login password might not work.

3. Use the Address Bar Only:

Perhaps, you were in a hurry, and due to this, you input the IP address into the search bar of the web browser. Remember that you cannot access the Netgear router login IP through the search bar. Thus, you must enter the web browser’s address bar to access the IP of your router.

4. Restart the Router:

Temporary network hiccups are also reasons that stop the user from accessing the default IP of a device. So, getting rid of them is a necessary thing. For this, you should restart the router as soon as possible. For this, unplug the router, wait for at least 10 minutes, and plug it back.

At times, the user cannot access the Netgear router IP because an antivirus application or program installed on the computer is stopping him from doing that. To fix the problem you are facing to access the router’s login address, consider disabling the antivirus program on a temporary basis.

How to Change Netgear Router Login Password?

If you are concerned about the security of your Netgear router, then you should know the steps to change its login password. We’ve already mentioned the default value of the login password of the router.

Netgear Router Login Password

Keeping that in mind, you must know that manipulating the settings of your router via the default password will become quite easy for unauthorized users. The following instructions will help you change the password after you log in to it:

  • Locate the Administration Settings

After logging in to the router through the IP or the web address, you need to navigate to the Settings of the router. Thereafter, click the Administration option. Very soon, you will see the page displaying the admin settings of the router.

  • Change the Password

Now, find the Change Password section. After reaching there, type the old password of the router i.e. password into its respective field. Once done, input the password you want your router to have into the New Password field. The same password needs to be entered into the Confirm Password field. Save the changes.

The new Netgear router login password should be a combination of various characters and must be hard to crack. Avoid using your personal details and passwords of other accounts. Also, you need to use this password for future login attempts. 

That’s all about how to complete the login process of the WiFi router and what to do if the not working error shows up. You also learned the process to change the password using the Netgear router login IP or web address. Just in case you face any issues during the login process, reset the router and set it up again.