How to Secure Your Router & WiFi Network

In Today’s world, it is very important to keep your WIFI network secured so that no one can access it without your permission. There are a lot of security tips available on the internet by which you can keep your WIFI network secured but only some of these tips actually work. Today, we will be having a look at some of the most practical tips that will help you to keep your WIFI network strong and secure at every time.

What are the Ways to Secure Wi-Fi Network?

The following are some of the most significant recommendations for keeping your WiFi network secure:

1. Keep your Password Strong

This is the most basic tip for keeping your WIFI network safe and secure. You must always use a WPA-based password and it should not be easily crackable. You must always use the combination of Uppercase and lowercase characters in the password of your wireless network.

For further security, you can strengthen your password by including digits or symbols. Create a password that is as complex as you can without being too broad.

2. Use Stronger encryption

Using stronger Encryption is another solution by which you can keep your WiFi network secured. Hackers won’t be able to quickly access your WiFi network if you utilize a stronger one.

3. Create a separate network for guests

By creating a separate network, you can let the guests connect to that network. You can use this method so that any malware in the guest’s computer will not be able to enter in your WIFI network.

4. Hide the SSID of your WIFI network

The name of your WiFi network is known as the SSID, and anyone nearby can find it. If you hide this SSID then no one will be able to discover your WIFI network. No hacker will be able to use this method to access your WiFi network. Your WiFi network’s security will be significantly increased by following this relatively straightforward technique.

You can hide your SSID by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Enter on your browser.
  • Now, it is time to enter your credentials.
  • The username is “admin” in most cases.
  • After that, you will have to select the option that says Wireless settings.
  • There is an option here that reads “Enable SSID Broadcast”. This option will be checked by default. Just uncheck this option.

Once you follow all the steps mentioned above, your SSID will be only discoverable to the people who are connected to your WIFI network.

5. Use Virtual private network

Using a VPN service is very important while surfing the internet. While connected to your WiFi network, a VPN will assist you in maintaining your anonymity. VPN hides all your data and history from your Internet service provider. Your data will be perfectly safe even if your WIFI network gets hacked by someone if you use a VPN service when connected to your WIFI network.

You may find two different kinds of VPN services on the internet: free and paid. The paid ones offer better features than the free ones but there are some great free VPN services. Nord VPN is a fantastic illustration of such a great VPN service.

6. Enable MAC Authentication

MAC Authentication is another way that lets you secure your Internet. Every device has a MAC address. If you enable Mac authentication on your WIFI network then only devices with the same MAC Address will be able to connect to your WIFI network. By this method, you will be able to limit people to enter your WIFI network even if they have the password.

7. Using a Firewall

Using a Firewall is a complex yet very good method by which you can save your WIFI network from attacks from hackers. You get a Firewall built-in inside almost every WIFI router. All you need to do is activate them. Firewall tracks all the activities that take place inside your WIFI network.

This way it helps you to block all the suspicious or hacking activities before even the hacker gets access to your WIFI network. A firewall can even track what applications are being used on your WIFI network and it also lets you send or receive data which is another good thing about it.


These security tips that we have provided you in this article will help you to keep your WIFI network secured and safe at all times. We recommend you to use all the tips that we have provided so that your WIFI network will be super secure and No one will be able to get access to it without your permission. We would love to respond to your comments if you have any queries or recommendations.

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