The default password for Netgear Router is not working

A guide for – how to change Netgear router admin password. Netgear router admin password is the key for router admin login. The simple goal of changing this password is to get rid of issues like the Netgear router default password not working and to ensure the security of your network.

So if you’re on the same boat and looking for a solution – start from here!

First, we will discuss why all of a sudden your credentials are not working. Because without knowing this, you can’t troubleshoot this error. Later, we will help you to change the router admin password.

Hence, it doesn’t matter in which scenario you are in, you will be in a win-win situation afterward. 

Why Netgear Router login credentials stopped responding

Let’s start by focusing on all the possible reasons one by one for which your credentials are getting rejected.

Mismatched Login Password

This is a pretty common source of this error. When you attempt for Netgear router login on a web browser that you have used to log in to some other web browser with the autosaved option enabled, you will receive an error message. The reason is, it will auto-pick the saved password of the other router. The agreeable solution is to clear the history of the web browser along with “saved passwords”.

Enabled Antivirus or Other Security Software

Many times but not always, the intrinsic firewall of your enabled antivirus triggers the error like Netgear router default username and password not working. Hence, you can have a shot at disabling the Antivirus or any security software that you’re using for a moment, and in the meantime, try to log in to your router. Enable security software after you finish your work.

Tip: To log in to some particular models such as for Netgear R6120 setup, can also be used as the login address.

Changed Login Password

If you’re without any doubt that the password that you’re using is correct, then your network might be hacked. That is because once the password is changed, you can never log in to your router using the old password.

However, it’s just a tempest in a teapot as you can factory reset your router anytime you want and it will be as fresh as new. Thereafter, you can use the default credentials to log in.

Using Inaccurate Logins

Not all routers have common login credentials. So it’s not necessary, that what password worked for your friend’s router will work for you even if you have the same model. Just peruse the manual of your gadget and find the correct default login credentials.

In addition, you must make sure that you type the password accurately and without any mistakes. Please type the login information exactly as it appears since the case matters. Even unknowingly adding up spaces or symbols results in the Netgear router’s default username and password not working.

Thus, those are all some of the most common situations that cause such errors. We hope now you are well aware of how to care for each of these. With no more fuss, let us right away guide you with how to change the default admin password for your Netgear router.

Changing the default admin password for your Netgear router

To change the default admin password for your router you just need to reset the router to factory defaults and then reconfigure all the settings using router login IP Netgear. The detailed steps for doing this are given below.

  • Locate the reset hole (named as reset button) on the router’s hardware.

  • Once you find the hole, use a tiny pin or paper clip and press the reset button (inside the hole).

  • Keep it pressed for about 20 seconds.

  • Thereafter, the lights will start to blink.

  • Leave the button and power-cycle the router.

  • Your router is all set for re-configuration now.

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